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Robin Dieda LCSW

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I bring to my practice a lifelong compassion, born, in part, from mild health problems from an early age. When caring for my clients, I consider many aspects of living: life stage, practical daily needs, the quality and nature of one’s internal thought and emotional life, and the extent and nature of their friend and family support.  Clients clarify what they want to accomplish in therapy. 

In my early years of social work practice, I gravitated toward medical work, with a theme of advocacy and enhancement of quality of life. The people I worked with were able live well with limitations, focusing on meaning and growth.  My extensive work with the very sick and dying has helped prepare me for helping people bear challenges and adversity. 

I am not afraid to discuss deep issues of existence, and the meaning of pain of all kinds. But life can also be richer by making changes in how people spend their time day by day. Clients guide the discussion to their areas of concern, to facilitate healing. They grow in confidence as their lives improve. This can create the possibility of more satisfying relationships.

I also work with children, couples and families.  My multi-faceted approach to both deep hurts and practical improvement of life circumstances has often resulted in real relief and hope for the future.